Are you still using Joomla 1.x or 2.x?

Migrate from any old version to Joomla 3.x safely:

  • Use our ‘Migrate It Effortlessly’ service
  • The guaranteed migration to Joomla 3.x
  • Including 3rd-party extension data
  • Without bug and fully tested per case
  • We are registered on Joomla! Resource Directory

We guarantee to upgrade your website successfully to Joomla 3.x under your supervision.

Higher security

As you know, outdated Joomla is often a target for hackers. Please do not be a target.

Your comfortability

Joomla 3 is a long-term supported version.

Awesome features

Joomla 3 provides many enhancements in core plus to useful 3rd-party extensions that are only compatible with J3.

Better Optimization

After upgrade, your website will be faster, more stable, and optimized.

Mobile friendly

Now being mobile friendly is a MUST, so you would love the mobile enhancements provided in Joomla 3!


When you upgrade, it is an opportunity to renovate and clean up your current website.

The easiest way to upgrade Joomla!

Just order and we take care of the rest. We do the best of us and run many tests to make sure your Joomla system is perfectly upgraded. We avoid any impact on your live site, and we test the upgrade thoroughly, without any impact on your website’s users.

‘Migrate It Effortlessly’ is more than just a service. It is a guarantee that your system will upgrade successfully. We manage any risk of migration that the process introduces to your system.

For your calm of mind, purchase qualifies you to full support. If you need anything, just let us know, and you will experience expert assistance.

  • Use our ‘Migrate It Effortlessly’ service
  • The guaranteed migration to last version
  • Including the 3rd-party extensions
  • Without bug and fully tested per case
  • We solve all the incompatibility problems
  •  All your data, media, and files are migrated
  • We do it in two step to avoid all impact on your live site
  • We backup first and you can request rollback if you want
  • We are registered on Joomla! Resource Directory
  • Optional dedicated support
  • Optional additional care about SEO, Security, Rank, and Performance

We do not work on your actual Joomla website, so we use our servers.

Including the template(s), the components, the modules, and the plugins. If you want, we also re-create extensions that no longer exist or that were custom made for that particular website.

The data and media in file system and database. It can be the users’ information, the articles, the menus, the modules settings, etc. We migrate all the data.

maybe you want to keep the existing look and make it responsive only or you want to provide new J3 template by yourself or even order us to brand new custom template. On your choice, we do the best of us.

We do a final test when the whole website is migrated. This test allows us to fix those little bugs that we missed while working on the website.

Once the upgrade is complete, we will provide you with access to a secure testing server that you can fully test the website. When you are OK, we will migrate the test version of the website to your live website. We keep the old website backup for only 2 weeks after switch and then permanently will be deleted.

We are expert on hardening so if you request, we do checks and configurations to strengthen the website security.

We are expert on SEO so if you request, we do checks and configurations to optimize the website for SEO, speed and reliability.

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We Are Experts!

If you want to update your Joomla but think it may be horrible, do not be worry, it is common. If you are not expert on updating Joomla, maybe you encounter a system crash or you may find the PHP version is incorrect, extensions are incompatible, and numerous fuzzy bugs.

We are reliable, expert in PHP, and have been in business more than a decade. Therefore, that is why we offer our ‘Migrate It Effortlessly’ service to update or migrate Joomla effortlessly with no downtime, no crash, and no bugs.

About us

Our Competitive Advantages

  • We offer the error-less way to upgrade Joomla!
  • We care about your business and we feel the same stress that you feel so:
    • We avoid downtime and crashes as far as possible
    • We test your system with Joomla 3.x before ‘Go Live’
    • We offer Dedicated support (optional)
  • We migrate all your data
  • We migrate your extensions
  • We offer various Optimization services (optional)
  • We have a good refund policy
  • We guarantee your satisfaction
  • We respect your privacy

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